SIDA Urges Government To Submit Priorities On Greenville-Barclayville Road

The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) has asked the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works to consider submitting priorities on the Greenville-Barclayville Road for possible intervention by the international development agency.
SIDA made the call on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 when their delegation met with Acting Public Works Minister J. Jefferson Chesson at the Ministry of Public Works. 
During the meeting, the visiting SIDA delegation headed by Area Manager Kare Sundin told Minister Chesson that they were in the country to validate funding proposal for the shortcut linking Greenville to Barclayvlle-where SIDA intends to intervene. 
Mr. Sundin said though SIDA cannot decide for the Ministry, but they were concern about the status of Timbo, Sanquain and Sasstown River Bridges and the Pleebo-Barclayville road corridor.    
The request by SIDA comes barely a week after Public Works declared the Greenville-Barclayville road corridor as a top priority for the CDC “Pro Poor” Government Agenda during an assessment of major road corridors in the Southeast. 
In his response, Acting Public Works Minister Jefferson Chesson welcome the delegation and praised them for their contributions to Liberia’s recovery program, adding, their intervention will enhance the government’s pro poor agenda to keep all primary roads accessible during the rainy season. 
Meanwhile, Minister Chesson has assured the Swedish development agency   of the government’s commitment in working with them to achieve the pro poor agenda, which according to him is at the top of the CDC leg government’s agenda. 
In a related development, Acting Public Works Minister has met with a team of 6 investors from the United Arab Emirate (UAE). The meeting which took place at the ministry was centered on long term investment interests in the country particularly in the area of infrastructure.


The head of the UAE delegation told the minster that his company is willing to assist the government in whatever way they can afford.