President Weah’s Pro Poor Agenda Will Be Meaningless If!

Public Works Minister Calls For Quality Work 
Liberia’s Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan has told contractors that President George Weah’s pro poor government policy will be of no use if roads around the country are not accessible year round. 
Minister Nyenpan made the statement when he led a team of engineers on a guided tour of key projects in Monrovia on Saturday, February 25, 2018. 
During a brief stop on the Caldwell New Georgia Road, the Works Minister thanked a group of locals working with the CICO construction company, and indicated to them that President Weah’s pro poor agenda would be meaningless without them. 
“That’s why we have come to say thank you”, he said.  He told the male dominated staff that CICO is one of the best construction companies whose quality of work is outstanding among many contractors. 
The middle aged minister then encouraged the local staff to do good work, adding it is because of the quality of work you do that CICO has good name. 
The former Sinoe County Senator told the contractors that Weah’s agenda is based on a pro poor policy, a policy, he said that takes into consideration the ordinary men.
He said the pro poor agenda of the Weah’s administration will be achieved only if the ordinary people too continue to engage and have access to opportunities that seek to address the country’s road challenges; noting road construction is a cardinal component of the agenda.   
“By engaging in these kind of things, you will be able to provide for you and your family”, he emphasized. 
Meanwhile, the management of CICO through its site engineer has agreed to open the “Forky” Town road, which is the adjoining road to Caldwell-New Georgia road as part of its corporate social responsibility.
According to the management, the initiative is part of their social corporate responsibility to the people of Liberia. The agreement is based on a special request from the new Public Works Minister to open up the Forky town road so as to create access to residents living in that part of Caldwell community. 
The Forky town road, according to the engineer is not part of the original contract.   
Kebbah and New Georgia are among several neighborhood roads that are being paved with funding from the Liberia government. It is part of the government’s urban renewal agenda. The project is expected to last for 3 years according to the contract terms and agreement.