The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Public works in partnership with CICO on June 18, 2019, toured several ongoing projects within Montserrado County. CICO's Safety Manager, Mr. Kelvin E. Clarke, while heading an inspection delegation was accompanied by Mr. Prince Nagbe Communication Director, Ministry of Public Works, during the tour. The tour covered the inspection of a 6.1km; Parker Payne to Coca- Cola Factory, and the Parker Payne to ELWA Junction, the extension of the SD Cooper road, Somalia Drive road projects and the 800m drainage. According to the project safety Manager of CICO, Mr. Clark, "the project started in February 2019, with 1km layout completed including 3 box converts". However, Mr. Clark complained that due to the rainy season, they are experiencing some delays in their works. The project safety manager furthered said the project is in two phases: Phase A- from Parker Payne to Coca- Cola Factory, Phase B - from Parker Payne through the Somalia Drive. In furtherance, Mr. Clarke disclosed some challenges they have been faced with including the regulation of Pedestrians, non- Cooperation from community dwellers, waste deposit, among others. "In the midst of those challenges, The World Bank has intervened with a 100- days challenge plan", Mr. Clarke said. He asserted that the "100-days challenge plan" will include massive media awareness and other forms of publications regarding the projects which will help in maintaining the roads while undergoing constructions. Meanwhile, the projects safety manager of CICO further elaborated that the costs of the 6.1km road projects are ($11- million United States Dollars). He also called on those who are associated with the hotspots like red light and other crowded environments to cooperate with their engineers in order to have the projects move faster. On behalf of CICO, Mr. Clarke applauded the GOL for undertaking such key projects which will promote the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development ( PAPD), and also praised the President His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah for paying visits - inspecting three of the project sites. On the part of the Ministry of Public Works, Mr. Prince Nagbe, the Communication Director, mentioned the good work and cooperativeness of CICO under this regime. Mr. Nagbe during the toured, called on all citizens found in ongoing projects zones to cooperate with CICO's Engineers in other to promote development in Liberia.