Minister Nyenpan Inspects Major Projects In Monrovia

With just six days in office, Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan has undertaken his first major inspection exercise of projects in Monrovia. 
The exercise which took place at the weekend, witnessed the coming together of technocrats from the ministry, most of whom are top engineers assigned on various projects. 
Doing what the public view is a good beginning for the new Public Works administration, Minister Nyenpan said he was upbeat about the level of progress made so far on these projects.    
Projects visited include, Diggsville, Kebbah to Gardnersville, Caldwell New Georgia, Somalia Drive, Police Academy, Logan Town-Mombo Town roads, etc. 
According to him, the purpose of the visit was to ascertain some basic facts regarding progress, duration and challenges as well as funding requirement for those projects.  
He told the press that, among other projects, Logan Town-Mombo Town was close to his heart in his 150 days deliverable. Hence, he would love to see the project being completed in time. 
According to him, the completion of the Mombo Town road project would ease traffic congestion in that part of the city.  
Making specific reference to Diggsville-Kebbah-Gardnersville road, the Works Minister said the pavement of that road will reduce tension on Somalia Drive thereby reducing travelling times and its associated cost. 
Minister Nyenpan told the press that he was happy about progress on the Somalia Driver because according to him the road has been a pain in the flesh of residents of Monrovia, adding the population along the Somalia Drive has increased exponentially. 
“That’s why we are happy about the level of work so far on the road”, he said. 
 He termed the project as one of best quality roads in the city and would boost commercial activities when completed. 
The Works Minister said road construction being at the heart of President Weah, he and his team will ensure that they implement it to the fullest so long as funding is available. 
The Minister was however quick to remind contractors that he and his team will not hesitate to penalize any contractor that will default on projects, saying, the Ministry’s engineers are under direct mandate to ensure that works are done in line with contractual terms and agreement.  
Minister Nyenpan reiterated that President Weah’s pro poor agenda will be meaningless if investment in infrastructures related project are not realized through durable works. 
Meanwhile, the former Sinoe County Senator has praised his team of engineers for what he term as exceptional performance and commitment to duty.