Min. Nyenpan Meets Local Public Works Staff In Grand Kru

Greenville-Barclayville Road Tops Agenda  
Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan is among few CDC government officials who seems to be translating his support for the pro poor agenda from mere talks to practicality.
With just two weeks as Minister of Public Works, his actions are beginning to show his true color as not only a civil engineer but a public servant that goes beyond the call of duty to accomplish his goal. 
His style of leadership is now transforming the Works Ministry from office to the field-where the infrastructure agency is turning into an institution by engineers, for engineers and of engineers with support from auxiliary units. 
In his quest to decentralize the Ministry’s activities, the Infrastructure man and his team of engineers on Sunday, March 4, 2018 held meeting with rural Public Works staff in Barclayville, Grand Kru County. 
The meeting which took place at the Superintendent’s office following the inspection of Greenville-Barclayville road was at aimed at aiding Minister Nyenpan and team to get first-hand information on infrastructure projects in that part of the country including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). 
In attendance were Public Works Resident Engineer, Anthony Gbessi and his staff, Grand Kru Superintendent, Elizabeth Wright Dempster and her assistant for development and the Minister’s technical team. 
Among the many topics discussed, the maintenance of Greenville-Barclayville road outshined the series of priorities put forward by the local team. Explaining the little he knows about the terrible road corridor, Public Works Resident Engineer Anthony Gbessi informed the Minister and team that he has already done preliminary assessment of the road, noting that technical data gathered so far put the cost of maintenance of critical spots including the installation of 6 box culverts to a little over US$500,000.00.
He also informed his boss that Atlantic Resources and Golden Veroleum were among concession companies helping to rehabilitate some of the roads in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. 
For her part, Grand Kru County Superintendent Elizabeth Dempster lamented the critical nature of some of the water crossing points on the Pleebo-Barclayville road, which if not urgently handle would make the road impassable soon.  
Responding, Minister Nyenpan said giving the importance of the road link, it was necessary to tackle all of the critical spots before rainy season commences. 
He told his team that his visit in the county was part of his strategy to obtain first-hand information on Public Works projects, particularly roads which he noted is cardinal to the realization of government’s pro poor agenda. 
“We are here to ascertain certain basic facts regarding infrastructure projects, especially roads. It is our hope to keep major primary roads passable during this rainy season so as to avoid vehicles getting stuck in the mud”, he emphasized. 
Meanwhile, the Minister and his team have declared the Greenville to Barclayville road as a priority, and will do everything possible to keep it accessible during the rainy season so long as funding is made available. 
Following the meeting, the Minister and team were led on a guided tour by Superintendent Dempster on the Pleebo-Barclayville road and the only referral hospital in Grandcess.