Inspection of Major Laterite Road Rehabilitation Nationwide under the 100-Day Deliverables Special Road Maintenance Project

The Ministry of Public Works, headed by Hon. Roland Layfette Giddings, is making significant strides aimed at achieving the mandate of His Excellency President Joseph Nyuma Boakai by ensuring major road corridors are pliable during the Rainy Season.

True to this commitment, the Deputy Minister for Technical Services, Hon. Prince Tambah is leading a high-level Technical Team on a Nationwide Inspection Tour of the 100-Day Deliverables covering Brewerville to Gboa, Gboa to Bopolu; Buchanan to Saturday Town; Cestos Junction to ITI, ITI to Greenville; Pleebo to Barclayville; Zwedru to Kanweaken; Tappitta to Zwedru,  amongst others.

Put succinctly, from the Western Cluster Belt to the Coastal Corridor unto the Northeastern part of Liberia, laterite roads are being improved massively, with commuters hailing the interventions. 
While a sustainable asphaltic pavement is nearing, pliability during the Rainy Season is a monumental priority.

From Administration to Technical to Rural Development, all hands are on deck to ensure that these roads compliment citizens’ efforts aimed at achieving socio-economic livelihoods.

The video highlights progressive road rehabilitation works under the 100-Day Deliverables Special Road Maintenance Projects.