MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS VALIDATION SESSION - " Preparation of the 5-Year Infrastructure Strategic Plan"


- " Preparation of the 5-Year Infrastructure Strategic Plan"

May 23-24, 2022 held at the Corina Hotel



The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan provides the framework to guide the agency towards achieving its Vision and Mission. The development of the plan has benefited from an extensive cross-collaboration dialogue and engagement with many stakeholders involved with public infrastructure provision in Liberia. At a high level, the plan is envisaged to achieve the following outputs during the period of implementation:


☆ Construction to Paved Standards of XX Kms of Roads Connecting all County Capitals

☆Development of various policies to support the mandate of MPW

☆Undertaking maintenance on all categories of road (primary, secondary and feeder)

☆Provision of requite supporting infrastructure to aid rural development covering water points, rural housing and community services

☆Strengthen governance and compliance by undertaking technical audits for infrastructure

☆Design of Bridges and Hydraulic Structures on Specific Network Bottlenecks

☆Undertake Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of All Projects under MPW's Portfolio

☆Strengthening Road Maintenance Planning and Monitoring

☆ Promote Environmental Conservation and Management

☆Strengthening institutional capacity, training and urban development.

☆Solicit for additional fundings from partners to support the project development for inclusiveness and enhance social and economic mobility.

Public Works Minister-Designate, Hon. Ruth Coker-Collins and a host of other Authorities at the Ministry including Deputy Ministers for Administration and Rural Development Hon. Joseph P. Todd and Hon. Benjamin Bantoe respectively are in attendance.

The two-day interactive session also brings together Resident Engineers, as well as Directors and Assistant Directors at the Ministry of Public Works, Representatives from Finance and Development Planning, Staff from the African Development Bank funded Project Implementation Unit (PIU), amongst others.