Public Works Takes Step To Expedite Internal Administrative Business

Min. Nyenpan in his conference room analyzing documents.
Min. Nyenpan in his conference room analyzing documents.
Photo Credit: MPW Public Affairs
Sets 48 Hours Ultimatum 
It appears that the current Public Works’ administration understands exactly some of the problems that have been impeding government’s function over the years. 
Founded since in 1847, Liberia’s problem owed much to the problem created by some of its leaders, either for selfish interest or something public sector management’s specialists term as unnecessary bureaucracy-sometimes intended to get even with perceived enemies by “big headed administrators”.  
Such bureaucracy has not only slow down the pace of work at a particular government’s agency where the practice is common, it has also undermined the function of national government. 
To curtail such practice, the management of Public Works headed by Mobutu Nyenpan has issued 48 hours ultimatum to all supervisors, directors and heads of departments to process all communications that come before them in the discharge of their official duty. 
“With immediate effect, all communications sent through the internal system of the Ministry of Public Works, should spend no more than two working days in a department or an office”, official memo singed by Minister Nyenpan on April 16, 2018 is quoted as saying.
In furtherance, the Ministry said, the new administrative policy is intended to expedite responses to critical issues and to resolve all bottlenecks in a timely manner much to the satisfaction of all members of administration including vendors or individuals doing business with the Ministry.  
The latest step by authorities of the Ministry is second in series since they took over. 
It can be recalled that on Monday, March 26, 2018, Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan mandated staff of the Zoning Division to ensure that all complaints are handled in a timely manner that will alleviate all forms of suspicions against the Ministry, adding, all former complaints must be forwarded to his office for review and subsequent administrative and technical actions. 
“I would have told you to handle all complaints within 24 hours, but is too early for now. So all complaints coming in must be processed within 48 hours as of now”, he mandated the Zoning staff.  
Public sector management’s experts are of the opinion that the introduction of such policy will not only fast-track activities at the ministry, it will also enhance government’s road network agenda and help to minimize the practice of corruption usually orchestrated through unnecessary bureaucracy.