Public Works Will Be Technical Under My Watch

Minister Nyenpan & deputy for Technical Services consult during hearing
Minister Nyenpan & deputy for Technical Services consult during hearing
Photo Credit: MPW Public Affairs
-Says Minister Designate
Former LPRC Executive, Mabutu Nyenpan has told the Senate Committee on Public Works that when confirmed, he will transform Public Works into the technical ministry it ought to be.
He noted that his leadership will place a special premium on Engineers, architects and surveyors at the Ministry, adding, “The Ministry of Public Works shall be the Ministry of Engineers, for engineers and by engineers with support from auxiliary employees”.
In addition to empowering engineers, the new Works Minister also promised to seek the welfare of all workers at the Ministry of Public Works and create an enabling environment to reap maximum productivity. 
As part of his initial strategy, the civil engineer and outspoken Southeastern Politician stated that he will immediately redeploy all of the county resident engineers to their respective counties of assignment.
According to him, he will also institute a technical review of all public infrastructural projects that are being implemented or signed, and others yet to commence. 
The objective of this exercise, he disclosed, is to ensure that these projects are technically viable and worthy of the cost for which they are being implemented. 
This exercise, the former Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) official indicated that it will help to identify those projects that have long passed their completion dates, as well as contractors that are not in compliance with the terms and conditions of their contracts.
“Our decision to institute this technical review is informed by the frequent reports of completed projects later found to be substandard, as well as, claims of contractors receiving funding and failing to implement projects as scheduled”, he further noted. 
He described the infrastructure challenges of Liberia as multitudinous, stressing that upon confirmation, he and his team will categorize these challenges and develop the appropriate responses based on immediate, medium and long term achievable programs. 
“Such plan of action will be submitted to you for appropriate budgetary support”, he told the friendly but tough looking Senate Committee on Thursday, February 15, 2018.
In his concluding statement, the Sinoe County born leader said, when confirmed, his administration will adopt a zero tolerance towards delays in project implementation and substandard works, and that contractors found in such act will be severely penalized.